The Light Show – Documentary

The Light Show is a documentary about legendary projection artist Hugh McSpedden with an original soundtrack by Sun-Bus-5 performed at the 2012 Melbourne Fringe. Trailer – The Light Show from andrew garton on Vimeo. In 1968 Australian projection artist Hugh McSpedden began shooting 8mm film. By the 1970s his films magnified into large scale projections […]

The Light Man at the 2012 Gertrude St Projection Festival

Before we cast video projections onto buildings on Melbourne's Gertrude St there was Hugh McSpedden's fantastic light shows. At the 2012 Gertrude St Projection Festival, Hugh arrived, an unofficial contributing artist, and parked a block away from the fixed exhibits and fired up his rig direct from a van and small generator. Passersby were delighted.

Why is The Light Show important?

Projection art began with small surface areas, low level light, ingenious imagery and intimacy. As lights became more powerful, lenses sharper and projectors more robust artists like Hugh McSpedden flourished, particularly at a time when musicians were wanting to make sensual impact with both their music and what ever visuals were possible, otherwise known today as psychedelia.